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Overstock Drops E-Commerce and Shifts Toward Blockchain

On Black Friday, CEO of internet retailer Overstock announced that the company's e-commerce portion would be sold off. Furthermore, Overstock would then dedicate itself to blockchain advancement and assimilation. This week, John explains what Overstock's plan is and what implications may result from it.

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Business and Investing Leaders on Cryptocurrency

People are talking about cryptocurrencies everywhere, discussing whether their bubble is bursting or just starting. Perhaps we should note how the leaders in business feel on crypto for clearer insight. This week, John delves into several key figures in the business and investing world and their respective takes on cryptocurrency.

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Will Blockchain Voting Replace Paper Ballots?

The U.S. midterm elections were held last week. While many of us voted with paper ballots at a polling station, a small group was able to cast their votes through their phones... on a blockchain! This week, Token Authority's John Butler explores blockchain voting and what it means for our democracy moving forward.

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How Asia is Regulating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have grown exponentially over the years. They are also welcomed by countries all over the world. In this week's Token Authority, we get a glimpse into how four Asian countries are regulating cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Coinbase’s First Stablecoin: USD Coin

Coinbase and Circle have created a different kind of crypto: the USD Coin (USDC). It operates a little differently than the average cryptocurrency. Check out what the USDC is all about and what this different type of crypto means for the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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Three Reasons Blockchain Is Exploding in Africa

Binance launched a cryptocurrency exchange in Uganda. Kenya is planning on using blockchain technology to distribute government-issued housing to citizens. And Rwanda’s government is preparing to use blockchain technology to keep tabs on supply chains of the metal tantalum. Here is how cryptocurrency is taking off in Africa.

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IBM Launches Food Supply Blockchain

IBM Food Trust has gone live for commercial use. The Trust’s blockchain technology is used to provide detailed supply-chain information on the users’ food products. And it could mean big things for blockchain technology going forward...

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Congress Wants Cryptos Regulated

Fifteen members of Congress wrote to Jay Clayton, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, to request a proper, clear statement on the SEC's stance on cryptocurrencies. Here's how that statement could affect the industry.

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Banks Are Finding a Friend in xRapid

Things are heating up for Ripple and XRP. Ripple, the blockchain startup company, announced that its commercial product xRapid could be ready for use within the next few months.

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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin, all too often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, was one of the earlier digital currencies on the market. What exactly is Litecoin and how is it different from Bitcoin? Join our team as they break down Litecoin in our latest educational feature...

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What is the Golem Project?

In the last two years, multiple incredible blockchain projects have hit the market. In this week's educational feature, the Token Authority team takes a deeper look at the Golem Project and discusses what this project could mean for our future digital community.

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A Deep Dive into Ethereum

In this week's educational feature, our team takes a deeper look at the Ethereum network and its currency, ether.

For Digital Currency, 2017 Was a Landmark Year…

The price of Bitcoin, the world's first digital asset, soared. And that turned many first-time investors into millionaires within a matter of months. Beyond Bitcoin, other digital assets also gained national attention and the support of massive corporations like Intel, Microsoft, and IBM.

But today, investors are looking at a different digital currency landscape…

A whole new wave of valuable blockchain companies is giving investors a second chance at Bitcoin-level profits.

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